Emerging Leader Prize

The Emerging Leader Prize is introduced with the aim to aspire young talents to advance innovative growth in Islamic finance and to widen participation from Islamic finance community for a concerted effort in developing the sector.

The nomination criteria are as follows. The nominee:

  1. Shall be 40 years old and below;

  2. Shall demonstrate evidence of leadership qualities;

  3. Shall have served in their area of expertise/specialisation in Islamic finance, for at least 5 years;

  4. Shall demonstrate achievements in promoting and advancing innovative ideas in Islamic finance; and

  5. Shall be acknowledged for their influence within his/her respective fields and demonstrate reputation for inclusiveness (i.e. age, professionals, background and geo-coverage).

Merit will be given to nominees who have participated in international engagement sessions.

Evaluation will be based on six (6) criteria namely Advocacy, Industry & Market Development, Influence & Acknowledgement, Innovation, Leadership, and Knowledge. The description of the criteria is as follows:

No. Criteria Description
1 Advocacy Nominee is active in the advocacy, advancement and promotion of Islamic finance through relevant institutions, Shariah boards, industry associations and non-profit organisations.
2 Industry and Market Development Nominee has contributed or currently involved in the development of Islamic finance industry or related fields.
3 Influence and Acknowledgement Nominee is globally acknowledged and is actively participating in international engagement sessions to promote Islamic finance through their respective fields.
4 Innovation Nominee is currently involved or has led, conducted and/or participated in pioneering work and/or breakthrough innovations, and which application has had a significant impact towards the advancement of Islamic finance.
5 Knowledge Nominee has served reasonable number of years in their area of specialisation related to Islamic finance industry and have proven exemplary level of knowledge and expertise.
6 Leadership Nominee has demonstrated evidence of leadership qualities and possess track record of leading initiatives or any other advancements in their respective fields.

Kindly refer to FAQ for further details.

The nomination is now closed.

Nomination for Emerging Leader Prize