Past Awards





The Royal Award for Islamic Finance 2012 was presented to Iqbal Khan for his dedication, drive and extraordinary leadership in accelerating the global growth and accessibility of Islamic finance. He played a prominent role in the course of facilitating, promoting and innovating Islamic finance on a global scale. His passion in providing ethical, community-based financial services has led him to drive further interest among international financial institutions, regulators and academia towards Islamic finance.

Iqbal Khan has played an instrumental role in establishing a number of institutions and initiatives in the Islamic finance industry, including Citi Islamic Investment Bank, the Islamic Finance Project at Harvard University, Meezan Bank, HSBC Amanah and most recently Fajr Capital, of which he is Founding Board Member and Chief Executive Officer. He is also currently a Board Member of Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam, Jadwa Investment and MENA Infrastructure. 

With his leadership and dedication, Iqbal Khan motivated the push for a global sovereign sukuk and led the Shariah thought-process towards greater understanding of the concept of foreign currency global sukuk. Successfully proven in creating the evolutionary move from basic banking and finance to more sophisticated product structures, global sovereign sukuk have today become the mainstream fundraising instrument for sovereigns.

In 2006, Iqbal Khan received the Euromoney Award for Outstanding Contribution to Islamic Finance, and was nominated and voted by the Islamic Financial News as the Best Individual Islamic Banker for 2005. He was also recognised by the United States House of Representatives in 2000 for his contribution in the field of finance and economics.