1. Nominees for The Royal Award for Islamic Finance, may be:

  • a. A single individual or a group of individuals.
  • b. Nominees must be persons living.
  • c. Nominees may be of any nationality, religion or gender.
  • d. Nominees may originate from any country (i.e. are not necessarily restricted to your jurisdiction).
  • e. Nominees’ achievements must be related to the development of Islamic finance and should not be related to commercial projects (i.e. not deal based).
  • f. Serving members of the Jury may not be nominated and will not be considered for nomination.

2. In addition, the following consideration would be advantageous when making a nomination:

  • a. Nominee that is currently involved or has led, conducted and/or participated in pioneering work and/or breakthrough innovations, and which application has had a significant impact towards the advancement of Islamic finance in areas including, but not limited to, human capital development, bridging the gap between Shariah transactional rules and mainstream legal structures, and socio-economic development.
  • b. Nominee that is currently involved or has advocated and applied the principles of Shariah into the development of Islamic finance; such as but not limited to, widening Shariah application to practice.
  • c. Nominee that is currently involved or has been active in the advocacy, advancement and promotion of Islamic finance through non-profit organisations, industry associations, relevant institutions, Shariah boards or academia.